Our Vision

Bridgewell values commitment and feel honored to be trusted.

To express our gratitude, we take on the commitments and satisfy clients’ expectations. Bridgewell is a platform where groups of people learn, think and work together to continuously create values and satisfy our clients’ needs. We strive to contribute to the society, work relentlessly to improve our abilities, and fight to create greater values and provide more people with better services.

Bridgewell was established to make a contribution to the society. This goal continues to be our vision. Making profits is just the natural results of Bridgewell making a contribution and creating values; in other words, making profits is never our main purpose. We put in all the work for the purpose of seizing opportunities so that we may contribute and create values. Bridgewell’s contribution and values help our associates grow, develop and fulfill themselves while meeting our shareholders’ expectations.

Bridgewell never ceases to improve our performance

It is our belief that information and truth will be more accessible in the future thanks to the development of the Internet. All modern business will have to learn more information to know the truth, predict the future, and make efforts in optimizing their services. Bridgewell’s core strength is processing huge amount of data and create values from the data. We help our clients and the whole industry to improve services and product performance. Bridgewell will continue to improve this strength to make a contribution to our clients.

Our main service is to utilize consumers’ behavioral information to predict consumers’ behaviors and tendencies, and thus help clients improve their online sales performance. In order to assist e-commerce business to improve performance, Bridgewell provides smart search engine, in-site Customizable Recommendation Service, and Retargeting Service to bring back old clients.
In terms of advertising services, Bridgewell DSP uses our advertising services to accurately deliver advertisements through RTB (Real Time Bidding) to potential consumers.

Next step: going global!

Bridgewell will focus on building, managing, and using behavioral information to fully utilize the power of information. This can improve Bridgewell’s system performance and extend our service into the global market.

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