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Privacy Policy

Bridgewell deeply respects customers’ privacy. Please read the Privacy Statement (hereinafter “Statement”) carefully to learn about what information Bridgewell collects and how the collected information is used.

Bridgewell’s service

Bridgewell Inc. is a software company specializes in machine learning, network management and data extraction technology. We provide accurate customizable matching and recommendation services. When you visit websites which are our partners, we receive and record data from your computers and browsers, and track and analyze products and webpages you have viewed according to your past browsing history. Based on what we learn from the abovementioned data, we can display advertisements of products you may be interested in.

Bridgewell’s technology

We put tags on anonymous cookies in users’ browsers through our partners; users who are attached with tags by Bridgewell will have an anonymous identity. Under no circumstances will Bridgewell collect personal data of users, such as your names or addresses.

Data collection and uses

We only collect anonymous data through anonymous cookies, including:
a. Your browsing activities, which includes numbers of webpages visited, products, keywords used, and other activities our partners’ websites.
b. Data such as age range provided by other partners whom we trust.
c. Information related to Bridgewell’s advertising mechanism, for example numbers of advertisements displayed.

Users’ Personally Identifiable information will not be collected:
Bridgewell will not know your identities, addresses, companies you work for, birth dates, email addresses, or any information that may enable us to identity who you are; Bridgewell will never use or save your IP locations for the purpose of advertising, either. (Your IP locations will only be used to block or filter out invalid clicks.)

The purpose of data collection is to provide advertisements most suitable for you:
The collected data will also be used in our report system to help provide performance data to our customers and partners. The collected data may also help us improve the performance of our system.

Bridgewell will not provide any advertisements specially designed for users under the age of 13.
We will not try to learn about the true identity of any user who creates certain cookies on our own, through a third party or by other methods.

We will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your consent unless the information is specified in this Statement.

How to stop using Bridgewell’s cookies

If you choose not to accept Bridgewell’s customizable advertising service, you may click the link below to remove Bridgewell’s cookies. After you remove the cookies, the advertisements you see will not be customized.

Questions and suggestions

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Statement, you can contact us at Significant amendments to our privacy policy will be announced on this website.

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