Bridgewell DSP

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Bridgewell DSP

No.1 Total Data Amount in Taiwan

Bridgewell is the first company that collects user data in Taiwan. With more than a decade of experience in utilizing data, we have familiarized ourselves with consumer behaviors in Taiwan.

Abundant Traffic

Platforms such as Yahoo and Google are also integrated with our RTB technology. We are also the company in Taiwan that allows advertisers to import third-party media materials to Facebook DSP.

User Action Prediction

Our own data science team and algorithm have developed the “Brand Relevance AI Model”, which can analyze each user’s preferences in real time and recommend items to the right customers. Through this Model, we can accurately capture a large number of target customers.

Our Strength

Bridgewell DSP


The first business in Taiwan recognized by Facebook as a “Facebook Marketing Partner -Ad Technology” for our own big data and AI technology.

Top 1

The first DSP in Taiwan awarded with “the best programmatic platform” by Google and equipped with world-class RTB and computing capabilities.


The first DSP in Taiwan that integrates Yahoo’s traffic through BrightRoll. We have top-notch programmatic purchase and RTB technologies.

Forms of Advertisements

Bridgewell DSP

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