Bridgewell recognized as “Facebook Marketing Partner” for our ability to maximize digital ads ROI.

Bridgewell was recognized by Facebook as its “Facebook Marketing Partner – Ad Technology in 2017.” This makes Bridgewell the first company in Taiwan to be recognized globally for its big data and AI technology. It’s a testament of Bridgewell’s abilities to predict purchase intent using consumer behavior analytics to enhance the effectiveness of ad performance for branding & eCommerce customers.

“Facebook Marketing Partners” is a program that periodically checks companies in digital marking field to see whether they meet certain requirements. The plan aims to help business around the globe achieve excellent marketing performance. The above mentioned companies are a group of business located in different regions in the world that assist Facebook in effectively marketing brands, promoting content, and providing accurate marketing data. Every Facebook marketing partner must be approved by Facebook and have great reputation in marketing.

Only less than 90 companies around the globe have been recognized by Facebook as “Facebook Marketing Partner -Ad Technology.” Facebook Marketing Partners are strongly supported by Facebook. They also participate in Facebook’s development of new products, and may offer suggestions on Facebook’s future products.

The only company in Greater China to be recognized by Google as “the best programmatic platform” with its world-class RTB technology.

In Google’s “the best programmatic platform” award of 2014, Bridgewell was awarded the no.1 place in the Taiwan region and the only Taiwanese company to be among the top 5 best performers in Greater China. Google’s awards recognized our data scientists’ expertise in AI and big data and endorsed our RTB technology and computing abilities. This speaks to Bridgewell’s ability to help advertisers reach target audience accurately on high quality platforms in the most efficient, intelligent, and transparent way.

“Programmatic platform” (programmatic buying platform) means an ad platform on which automatic purchases are provided. Programmatic platform processes huge amount of data on the Internet by computer automation procedures. It helps us get insights and make good use of consumers’ “key moments”. We can immediately respond to every exposure so the right person may see the right ad information at the right time. In other words, we improve advertising effects through automation. We help advertisers optimize their advertisements and increase their benefits.

There are three important elements that you should see in an authentic programmatic platform: 1. capability of integrating useful data; 2. RTB technology; 3. accurate and timely computing technology.

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