Our White Paper

Bridgewell’s goal is to create a working environment in which the members can lead a life that contributes to the society, takes responsibilities, builds self-esteem and gains freedom. We believe any individual with high self-esteem and a sense of responsibility can make a great contribution to society and have a tendency to seize opportunities to make contributions. Such tendency helps them survive well, enhances their self-values and confirms their existence. Thus, we win freedom in our life and a virtuous cycle is formed. What started this virtuous cycle is responsibility and self-esteem (self-respect).

Contribution, self-esteem, responsibility and altruism are not just some moral appeals. They are great habits that may benefit everyone. These great habits are often developed in an environment of freedom and mutual respects.

It is worth pointed out here that, moral appeals, when over-emphasized, may sometimes create adverse effects and deter the development of the abovementioned great habits. That is why we hope to create an environment of freedom and mutual respects for our associates. Such environment will lead our associates to realize that the people who benefit the most from these habits are themselves, and will make them naturally do things that benefit others and themselves.

As a result, Bridgewell determines to create and improve such work environment. In such healthy environment, everyone gets to unleash his or her full potential and make valuable contribution to society. We seize every day to achieve ourselves, enhance our values, and gain freedom. We work together to create a company that benefits all.

Member participation, self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility are required when creating an environment of freedom and mutual respects. When we put emphasis on self-discipline and responsibility in such environment, we will be able to tap into our potential; higher achievements and self-esteem will come along, and greater freedom may be secured.

The goal of Bridgewell

Bridgewell was established to look for ways of making a contribution to society. We gain profits out of making such contribution. In other words, our goal is making a contribution, and our contribution will naturally yield earnings.

Serious appointment

Before our company may make a profit, our shareholders take risks paying our compensation. We keep making efforts and working as a team to provide services to our clients. We create values. In consideration of the values we created, the clients will make payments to us. The payments will be used to pay our salaries and be taxed. The surplus, if any, will be shared with our shareholders as our bonus.

Before Bridgewell starts to make a profit, what we get are opportunities to learn, work, and be compensated; after we starts to make a profit, we will receive bonus. Our shareholders take risks when Bridgewell is operating at a loss. Our shareholders wait for the results of our efforts, and only gain benefits after Bridgewell starts to make a profit.

We are appointed by our shareholders and clients. They assign tasks to us. We have to take the appointments seriously. We are commissioned with responsibilities, and we make a contribution. Everything starts from the responsibilities on our shoulders.

The relationship between work and personal life

We contribute to society through teamwork, and our work is all about making a social contribution. Our work brings us monetary profits, social connections, learning and growth, and a sense of value through making a contribution. Our self-esteem and freedom are thus established.

Take responsibilities

Our responsibilities are our gifts. Through taking responsibilities, our work abilities are improved and our contribution is rendered greater. Our sense of security and self-esteem are therefore enhanced. We believe that any individual with a sense of security and self-esteem will grow altruistic, and make it a habit to help others. Such habit will, in turn, improve our abilities, achievements, and self-esteem, forming a virtuous cycle. Finally, this virtuous cycle will enhance personal freedom. The start of this virtuous cycle is “a sense of responsibility”. “Responsibility” enhances our abilities, achievement and self-esteem. It is the path to freedom.

Bridgewell is tolerant of mistakes, but not of irresponsibility. Realizing and correcting mistakes is how we learn and improve ourselves, while being irresponsible hinders our learning process. We must avoid being irresponsible.


Honesty is essential to our work, life, and survival. Only by being honest may we see the truth and learn about our environment and ourselves. That is how we really improve ourselves. We must be responsible and then thrive.

With that being said, Bridgewell is not building a work environment that requires members to be honest; instead, Bridgewell’s work environment helps its members develop honesty. Honest will help us create higher self-esteem, and enhancing self-esteem is one of the most important goals in our life.

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