Bridewell Core Technology

Connect High Value Consumers with Trustworthy Brands

We bridge both sides by delivering proven results

AI & Machine Learning

Bridgewell has a track record of proven AI research & innovations. We identify, organize, and learn all kinds of signals from our big data, and fully tap into our experience by applying the data we have collected for 15+ years. We help our customers showcase their products to the right audience and deliver effective sales & marketing results.

Big Data Analytics

Bridgewell continues to invest in building a capable data infrastructure to host 4 billion+ daily ad requests. We use predictive technology like parallel computing to process ever-increasing data in the shortest time possible to calculate the ROI for marketing campaigns. We strive to deliver result-driven service to our customers.

Dynamic Creative

Our AI-powered dynamic ads technology enables us to showcase personalized & relevant ads for advertisers. The eye-catching & purpose driven DPA formats allow us to automatically serve the best ads to the right consumers at the right moment.

Bridgewell specializes in delivering result-driven digital ads and was the 1st in Taiwan to be recognized as official “Facebook Marketing Partner.”

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Our RTB technology was ranked No.1 in Taiwan & Top 5 in Greater China by Google as “the Best Programmatic Platform.”

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