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Bridgewell was established to make a contribution!

Words from our CEO

We believe that Bridgewell was created to take responsibilities and make a contribution. Our value lies in seeking ways to contribute and make such contribution. We feel honored when we are entrusted with work. Doing our work and meeting expectations are how we uphold the honor. This shows that Bridgewell’s survival and development are based on fulfilling responsibilities. For the clients, Bridgewell makes real contributions; for our colleagues, Bridgewell is a platform where one can learn how to take bigger responsibilities, unleash their potential, enrich their life and enhance their self-values; for shareholders, Bridgewell yields reasonable return on investment. The fulfillment of the above three roles is based on our colleagues’ fulfillment of responsibilities. In other words, carrying out responsibilities is how we address the needs of different parties.

When we undertake responsibilities from our clients, it will be a win-win situation for both of us. When our colleagues work together to carry out the work entrusted by the clients, harmonious relationships will be created among our colleagues. When colleagues care about these responsibilities, they will further achieve harmony within themselves. By carrying out these responsibilities, we naturally enhance our financial performance and meet our investors’ expectations. We believe that fulfilling responsibilities is at the core of everything we do. It is this belief that enables us to create win-win situations and achieve general prosperity. We never treat others as tools, but we are willing to serve others. We focus on our responsibilities and uphold others’ rights.

Bridgewell’s management philosophy: self-value

Words from our CEO

Bridgewell is willing to take responsibilities; to take the responsibilities, we must improve our self-values. In fact, there is a virtuous cycle: enhancement of self-values may help us better fulfill our responsibilities, and taking responsibilities, in turn, helps enhance self-values. That is to say, taking responsibilities will result in improvement of self-values; the improvement will also help us to better fulfill our responsibilities. We develop our potentials and confirm our existence through carrying our responsibilities. Our values are thus enhanced. As self-value is one of the most important assets in our life, we believe that responsibility lies in the core of everything because we can gain freedom, courage, and higher self-values through taking responsibilities.

We take responsibilities to improve our own values; we also help others carry out responsibilities to enhance others’ self-values. That defines our colleagues’ relationships. The foundation of Bridgewell’s internal management is fulfilling responsibilities. On this foundation, Bridgewell also upholds basic human rights, including freedom of speech, rights of honesty, and rights of reasonable work hours. We emphasize the rights of Bridgewell’s colleagues and adopt people-oriented management because we hope to develop our colleagues’ self-esteem through our respects to every individual, thus enhancing the self-values of Bridgewell’s colleagues.

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Harvard Business Review had named data scientist the sexiest job in the 21st century.

Data scientists are good at exploring the core meaning hidden in big data through scientific methods. They excel at creating new business opportunities out of it. That’s why data scientist has been called the sexiest job. Bridgewell provides an open environment where data scientists may fully tap into their talents and become reliable supports for both the clients and our partners.

Bridgewell has recruited the best talents. More than 90% of our researchers and engineers hold master or PhD degrees.
Four fifths of our researchers and engineers graduated from prestigious schools around the world.
Bridgewell has 20 world-class data scientists who serve as our strong technical supports.

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