Brand Relevance AI Model

Brand Relevance AI Model

 Bridgewell has developed “Brand Relevance AI Model”, which is recognized by both Facebook and Google for its ability to help brands reach and target audience accurately.

How Brand Relevance AI Model Works

Our world-class computing technology can assess the level of relevance between a consumer and every brand in less than a millisecond and determine every consumer’s value.

Step 1: Collect Data According to Signals

Consumers’ interests and behaviors are ever changing. Such changes can serve as “signals” to let us know how relevant your brand is to consumers. The system can collect huge amount of data according to these interests and behaviors.

Step 2: Determine Each Consumer’s Value and Deliver Advertisements to Priorities.

The system may automatically determine how relevant each consumer is to each brand according to the signals. In this way, we get to know each consumer’s value, and deliver advertisements first to those with high value.

Step 3: Eye-catching ads and Effective Communication.

We convey our messages to consumers in a cost-efficient manner through our abundant traffic. We help brands catch consumers’ eyes and achieve the KPI goals of brand promotional activities.


Bridgewell DSP Bridgewell DSP has been proved to be able to successfully get consumers’ attention and achieve the KPI goals of brand promotional activities.

CPC of a famous tea brand decreased by 43%
A conversion rate of an e-commerce start-up increased by 50%
Orders more than expected for a high-priced wine merchant

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